Musical Scientists...and other names....

Alright folks here it is, the first list of possible names for our quartet (yes, there is a second list). Some names were taken, censored. The hours we spent sitting around brainstorming in Jessie's apartment was definitely funny, but not necessarily productive. It took us about 3 months to settle on PUBLIQuartet...perhaps we should have been The Musical Scientists Dancing on Fog? Perhaps.

2nd Track
Cah Caw Quartet
Cutting Floor
Dah Unit
Eagle Death
Ebony and Irony
Eternal Harmonies
Eternal Melodies
Harmonies from Eternity
Melodies from Eternity
Exit 14 (replace with any number)
Final Cut
Liquid Frost
Moon Pie
Dancing on Fog
Musical Scientists
Musical Scientists Dancing on Fog
Mystical Fog Dancers
No Parking
Project (Something)
Sound Factory
Take 2
The Killer Quartet
The Quartet Project
Whole Milk
Hold The Sauce