Utah Week #3

Well, the last week was a haul to say the least.  It was our busiest week in Utah and certainly pushed us in many ways.  On top of trying to polish our Brahms, get the Stravinsky in order, and tweak Tony’s piece with Joan Tower, we were also coaching chamber music at the Lyceum Music Festival.   This youth symphony meets at a top Alpine-themed resort 30 mins outside ofPark City where Yodeling is pumped through the outdoor speakers and the guest services wear Lederhosen.  The experience for us was great because for the first time at the festival we switched into teacher roles and were able to draw from our experiences with the Muir Quartet to better help the students.  Let me tell you, after 2 an half weeks of intense, brutally-honest, and humbling coachings with the Muir, it’s good to switch roles.  The Muir quartet rocks, and they are all exceptional coaches, but they are also not afraid to be…honest.  After the second day of coaching all the students gathered in the hall to hear us perform the music we were working on.  They really liked the performance and all in all it was a fun experience to work with the kids.

And then all of a sudden it was the last day, day of the concert.   To have the Muir Quartet in the audience didn’t help my nerves.  Preparing for the afternoon performance, all I could focus on were the treacherous pitfalls within each piece.  However, the performance itself was a blast!  I’ve never felt so proud to be on stage before.  Working with PQ for three weeks in virtual solitude was the best thing that has happened to us.  Now back in NYC, we prepare for a season filled with education outreach and a handful of performances around NY.  We’ll miss you Utah, someday we’ll be back.

Nick Revel, viola