PUBLIQuartet's improvisation workshops include fun and interactive workshops focused on the basics of improvisation through games, demonstrations, and simple exercises that explore the language of music: rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, and imagination. Sessions are designed using incremental, achievable steps that enhance a student’s confidence in developing the skills needed for on-the-spot music making. Workshops increase a student’s appetite for active participation in music while building strong musical and instrumental technique. Improvisation sessions can be customized for all ages and skill levels. 




Stylings of the Improvising String Quartet

Interactive concert, demonstration, and Q&A with student participation for classes without instruments

30-45 minutes, ages 5+, beginner to advanced

PUBLIQuartet performs some of their favorite crowd pleasers incorporating their unique improvisational abilities. The pieces on this program, composed by PQ and friends, are built on the different rolls that occupy the musical space: rhythm, bass, melody, harmony, and texture. PQ’s unique improvisational background allows for highly interactive workshops, allowing for the students to actually participate and perform alongside PQ. Students’ ears and focus will be challenged in a safe setting with directed questions regarding the sounds they hear, how PQ creates them, and what effect the sounds have on the listener.


Advanced improvisation and composition workshop

45-90 minutes, available for multiple sessions, high school or college-level students

PUBLIQuartet presents an in-depth approach to composition and structured improvisation through challenging and comprehensive exercises in rhythm, harmony, melody, bass, and texture. Students will learn their function within an improvisational setting, and with their learned musical skills, will be able to improvise and transform written material.

Condozer (Student Conductor Composer)

Interactive concert, demonstration, Q&A, and structured class improvisation and composition for classes with string instruments.

45 minutes, ages 8-14 beginner to advanced

PUBLIQuartet will teach the students about the 4 parts of music (rhythm, bass, melody, harmony, and texture) through short performances and demonstrations, which will lead into an interactive composition game for the students, called Condozer. In this game students compose an improvisation piece by conducting and directing the class with hand gestures that correspond to the various parts of music.

This game is always a big hit with students.