Is there an application fee?

Nope, there is no application fee.

Why is there an application process?

Because this is a program meant to benefit emerging composers, an application process helps us expand our reach and get to know as many composers across the US as possible.

What genre are you interested in?

We are avid supporters of ALL musical genres and are highly experienced in classical, jazz, and new music performance. We want to represent your voice without limitation.

Can I write for another instrumentation other than string quartet?

That depends. The first answer to that question is the piece must be performable by only and all four members of the string quartet. Any additional performers on stage will not be accepted. However, projects that include a sound engineer or off-stage crew will be accepted. See second answer below.

Can I submit a piece where you play other objects or instruments in addition to your own? For example - a kazoo and a trash can or speaking and singing?

Yes! We are extremely open and encouraging to the experimentation of creating new sounds. Though, requesting we learn trombone will be considered something that is out of our skill-set, for example. Please explain any requirements outside of the violin, viola, and cello in your project proposal. 

Can I write a piece that includes extra performers such as dancers?

No, at this point we are only accepting collaborations between composer and PUBLIQuartet. We will be launching a collaboration project in the future, so please stay in touch to learn more about that in the next two years.

Can I include multi-media?

Yes, project proposals can include the use of live processing, electronic tracks, and video production.

Will my piece performed again?

We are dedicated to supporting the music of today. In the end, it is our goal to build a connection with you and your music and to share it with new audiences everywhere. Your composition will join our repertoire and be performed as much as possible.

Why do my audio samples have to be high quality?

We want to hear your work peformed in the best capacity possible. It is difficult to determine what you are capable of as a composer if your recordings do not reflect you in the best possible way.

What is considreed a score and why do I have to submit one?

A score is any means by which you communicate your composition. Traditionally it falls on the staff, but we accept any form of written instructions.

What do the residencies consist of and will they cost me money?

Working residencies will be held for 2-5 days at a time, depending on the depth of the composition and technical requirements. These workshops will be held at a time and location that is mutually agreed upon. Residencies will include exploratory sessions with the quartet, private writing time, and free work-in-progress showings. PUBLIQuartet will cover all residency costs.