Eligibility and Requirements 


Through the free online application, applicants are asked to submit a biography, project proposal, up to three (3) high quality audio/video work samples, and one (1) score most representative of compositional style.

Composers are selected through a free application process. The number of composers selected depends on project length and technical requirements. No more than three (3) composers will be selected each cycle. The applications will be reviewed by the members of PUBLIQuartet and notifications will be sent by November 1, 2016.

Who can apply?

PUBLIQuartet considers an emerging composer to be someone who is at a stage in their career where they would significantly benefit from a performance and workshop of this kind. There is no restriction on composition type. Composers of all styles from traditional, world, or jazz to improvisatory, non-notated, multi-media and everything in between are encouraged to apply.

What types of projects are accepted?

This is an opportunity to collaborate with a string quartet that has extensive new music, improvisation, and composition experience. PUBLIQuartet does not want to restrict the type of work submitted as long as it is performable within the capabilities of the four quartet members.


1. Must be a resident of the United States (work and student visas are acceptable).

2. Must follow all application instructions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

3. The composition must be performable by all four members of PUBLIQuartet. Do not inlcude projects that require any additional performers on stage. However, multi-media projects that include a sound engineer or off-stage crew will be accepted.

4. If your piece includes multi-media elements, include a detailed list of technical requirements in your proposal.

Selected composers receive:

1. A commission fee dependant upon composition length and technical requirements.

2. 3 working residencies (ranging from 2-5 days) held throughout the collaboration year. The dates and locations of the residencies will be determined by mutual availability.

2. Two high profile premieres in New York City and the second in an additional U.S. city (rotating each cycle) during the 2017/2018 season.

3. A post-concert open discussion at both premieres hosted by notable new music performers and composers.

5. Live audio and video footage.

6. Travel stipends and lodging will be provided to composers for each residency and both premiere performances.

Questions? Please see FAQ for additional information or write to publiqaccess@gmail.com.