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Kindred Spirits Arts Programs
October @ 7:30PM
Milford, PA

University Center for the Arts
October 24 @ 7:30PM
Fort Collins, CO

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Our debut album is now available for purchase on CAG Records!


"The winner of the third presidential debate, indubitably: the PUBLIQuartet."
- Washington Post

"PUBLIQuartet’s Web profile is such a perfect encapsulation of today’s trends in chamber music as to be almost parodistic. They defy genres!"
Washington Post

"...the musicians proved themselves masters of tonal variation and broad technique."

"...enormously creative, always attention-grabbing, sometimes funny."
- Blog Critics

"...a respectful acknowledgment of the past and confident step into the future...the adventurous PUBLIQuartet..."
The New York Times

"…the group’s ingenious hybrids made one forget about anything else.”
– The Strad

"...adventurous string ensemble PUBLIQuartet..."
 The Wall Street Journal

"One of the most recent demonstrations that chamber music as an art form is evolving and expanding..."

"...most intriguing on the program were works where the group showed its skills at improvisation."
– The Morning Call

“…a group of young string players who bring both technical mastery and freewheeling joy to their music playing.”

“…magnetic momentum and energy…innovative music making without any condescension or compromise.”
– Feast of Music

"Leaders of the New School."
– Symphony Magazine

“…dramatic power with subtle nuance and depth of emotion.”
– SoundWordSite

The New Yorker

"Yet the evening's high point was a performance of Stravinsky's Three Pieces for string quartet by PUBLIQuartet..."

“…played with biting force and zesty snap pizzicatos.” 
The Strad