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PUBLIQuartet has developed an educational curriculum to explore the skills of musical improvisation. Fun and interactive workshops focus on the basics of improvisation through games, demonstrations, and simple exercises that explore the language of music: rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, and imagination. Sessions are designed using incremental, achievable steps that enhance a student’s confidence in developing the skills needed for on-the-spot music making. Workshops increase a student’s appetite for active participation in music while building strong musical and instrumental technique. Improvisation sessions can be customized for all ages and skill levels. See our Repertoire page for sample workshops.



What teachers and students are saying about the PQ Improvisation Workshops:

"It was a fantastic experience. My mind was opened up to all these new musical possibilities, and my passion for music was totally refreshed."

Max, cello, Norwalk, CT

"The students LOVED the improvisation workshop. The members of the PUBLIQuartet were inspiring in their performance, engaging from start to finish and clear in their directions. The kids were able to improv with rhythm, melody, and texture by the hours end, with many students taking on the chance to improv a solo during the big group "jam." I certainly hope to have the quartet back again to build on what they have started. After 3 full hours of violin group, orchestra, the improv workshop, and after a long day of school, they all went home at 6:00pm still bubbling with energy. Today they experienced another side of music, one that I too am now excited about exploring more myself."

Whitney Lee, Violin Faculty/String Ensemble Director at Turtle Bay Music School's Strings Program at P.S. 116